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Jolicloud 1.2: What we know

March 6, 2011 Leave a comment

Just a quick recap for those who don’t know about Jolicloud(pronounced Joe-ly Cloud). It’s a cloud-based OS that was originally designed for the small screen & low specs of netbooks but now works on wide range of older & newer laptops & desktops. Version 1.1.1 is the latest version & it’s based on UbuntuĀ 10.04 LTS & uses Chrome & HTML5 for the main interface. It has an App Library similar to Apple & Google App Stores that contain mixture of local Linux apps & web apps(some based on HTML5). There are currently more web apps than local apps, but if your adventurous you can install any app that installs under Ubuntu. For more info check out their website at or the Wikipedia page.

OK, so what’s this about Jolicloud 1.2? We’ve been getting some hints over the past month or so that another version was on it’s way. All the hints have been from founder & CEO Tariq Krim on his Twitter account(@TariqKrim). I’ve collected the relevant tweets & have decided to make a list of what we know & show you some of those differences with Jolicloud 1.1:

What we know:

  1. “on any modern browser or a recycled computer” – Tweet 1
    • Tariq later expanded on this by saying that it will “will include chrome 10” & “will work on mozilla 4”. Tweet 2 & Tweet 3
  2. The main launcher will get a few minor UI changes (more later) – Tweet 4
  3. There will be a new “HTML5 based filesystem” (more later) – Tweet 5
  4. When asked on Twitter when it was coming Tariq replied “before OSX Lion ;)” – Tweet 6

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