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Top 15 Wishlist Features for Jolicloud

May 19, 2011 4 comments

I’ve been using Jolicloud over the past 6 months and I have totally enjoyed my time. But like my quest to find the ultimate Jolicloud computer, I decided to make a wishlist of improvements to make Jolicloud an even better OS & environment. Most of these have been discussed on the Jolicloud GetSatisfaction site the past couple of months, but I’ve decided to collect them all here in one place.

These items are in no particular order.

  1. Folders – It would be great to have the ability to create folders on the desktop to organize all your apps. One method that could be used is by dragging & dropping multiple icons on one icon like can be done in Apple’s iOS.
  2. Text wrap for long icon names – Right now there’s about 14 characters that are allowed in the app’s name. After that it adds an ellipsis (…). Why not support wrapping the text to a second line? You can even support a pop-up tool-tip on hover.
  3. Transparent icons? – This is something I see a lot of complaints about. People don’t understand that there are apps & icons that are only available when running Joli OS. It would be nice if something more noticeable could be laid over the local app icons to show that they can’t be used when using the Jolicloud Chrome app or visiting
  4. Better page navigation – Clicking on page numbers is OK, but it would be nicer to have arrows on the side of the desktop pages or the ability to click and drag pages. This would help out greatly for touch devices.
  5. Support more search engines – Right now you can search Jolicloud apps and friends or search Google. It would be great if you could customize your search bar to include search results from Bing, Dropbox, Wikipedia, Hulu, YouTube, Gmail, etc.
  6. Lighter color scheme – The dark color is great, but there are those out there that would rather have a lighter color scheme or something they can customize to fit their personality.
  7. Customize desktop grid – Saw this suggestion on Twitter(Thanks @BC3Tech). Would be nice to be able to choose how many rows & columns of icons you can have on your desktop. Two rows of 7 icons is fine for netbook displays, but desktops have lots more room.
  8. Creating custom web apps is to complicated – Custom web apps are basically bookmarks, but they are too complicated to make. Make it easier to create them from your browser by using some kind of plug-in or extension. While you’re at it, support the Favicon by default. This way you don’t have to go find your own, but can still use your own if you wish.
  9. Better custom web app maintenance – Once you’ve created your web app it would be nice to be able remove your custom web apps or edit it’s URL.
  10. Expand the “About You” profile – Add fields to your profile for social networks like Facebook, Twitter or linkedIn. Also support hyper-linking so you can link your own web page or other favorite sites.
  11. More Badges!! – I love the Badges you can earn on your profile, but it would great to expand those. Have fun with it. Try making it a social game.
  12. Picture Login – It would be nice to display your profile picture on the login screen similar to Chrome OS.
  13. More File Browser features – It would be great to be able to stop using Nautilus altogether. Please add support for adding new folders & moving/copying files via right-click or drag/drop. It would also be great to be able to upload directly to the cloud storage sites like Dropbox or Google Docs in one click. You can do something similar with the Cloud Save extension found in the Chrome Store.
  14. HTML5 Media Player – It would be nice to have a standard media player to play your music, video or photos(slide show) online or off like Chrome OS. To see what can be done with HTML5 & MP3 files click here.
  15. More “Connections” – Right now they have 3 Connections: Facebook, Dropbox & Google Docs. It would be nice to open up support for these Connections to other sites. Other companies & web developers could add support for their own services to the File Browser. That way Jolicloud won’t have to update it their-self. Just imagine being able to integrate whatever Cloud storage service to the File Browser like Amazon, Pogoplug, etc.

Those are my top suggestions for now. To see more or to let Jolicloud know about your own head over to the Jolicloud GetSatisfaction site. It’s a great resource for every Jolicloud user!

Happy Joliclouding!

Tommy McClain

Jolicloud Desktop Updates

March 17, 2011 Leave a comment

Jolicloud has added new web apps to the App Center. These include:

I also got word today that due to the feedback in my review Jolicloud has added a few new features to the Jolicloud desktop. Excellent!

First of all they have made the Public Page easier to access by making a link to it directly on the Stream page. The button is to the right of “Top Followers”. It’s also on every user profile. It’s to the right the “Followers” button. And on your Account Info page where your name, username, email address, etc shows, there’s also a link to your Public Page. Instead of a button it shows the full URL.

Public Page Now More Accessible

Lastly, in the integrated Dropbox file browser they added a two new ways to access your folders on the Dropbox site so you can do more file operations like move, copy, rename or delete. Folders now have a “Open” button on the bottom right. Also individual files have a button called “Open in Folder”. These buttons are on the bottom right & on the Preview window when previewing images.

New Direct Access To The Dropbox Web Site

One minor update was made for user-created web apps. They have applied rounded corners to the icons to make them fit better with the rest of the application icons.

Rounded Corners!

All these new changes were made to the Jolicloud desktop without the need to push a new OS update. They’re available to both Joli OS & browser users. That’s the beauty of a HTML5 cloud desktop! Thanks for the updates guys!

Tommy McClain

Joli OS 1.2 & Jolicloud Now Available!

March 10, 2011 Leave a comment

The Jolicloud team have shipped Joli OS 1.2 and the new Jolicloud online desktop according to their latest blog update. You can download the latest Windows Express Installer or ISO here. For those that rather test drive it in their Chrome, Firefox 4 or Safari 5 browser go here. If you want to install the Chrome App, get it here.

New features announced today include:

  1. Create your own apps! Now you you can create & share your own web apps. This has been the most requested feature from the beginning.
  2. Seamless Dropbox integration! This has been another big feature request. Cloud storage for a cloud OS. About time! 🙂
  3. Jolicloud public page. A profile page that not only shows a little bit about you, but it also shows your shared apps & your followers.

For a more visual look at the latest changes, check out the guided tour. I’m currently working on a detailed review of all the changes to the Jolicloud online desktop. Expect it online tomorrow.

Congratulations Jolicloud team. It’s an excellent service & upgrade. Everybody have fun & happy Joliclouding!

Tommy McClain

New Joli OS 1.2 Features

March 8, 2011 Leave a comment

True to Jolicloud’s promise to release more details, they have posted on their blog some new features on the upcoming Joli OS 1.2 release scheduled later this week.

Here’s a run down of the features announced:

  • New Startup Experience:
  • HTML5 File system allows you to browse local & external storage devices & preview files inside the new File Browser.
    • Nautilus file manager is still included.
    • Integrated Dropbox support in the File Browser is looking likely. Expect another announcement tomorrow.
  • Performance Improvements:
    • Improved update management allows background syncing & the ability to delay them.
    • The browser gets an upgrade to Chromium 10 and Adobe Flash gets upgraded to version 10.2.
    • General speeds improvements including faster web app installs & syncing.
    • The Linux kernel is built upon Ubuntu “Lucid LTS and Maverick”.
    • Improved battery life.
  • Other Misc Tidbits Gleaned From The Comment Section:
    • Asus T91MT and T101MT multi-touch support won’t make it in time for Joli OS 1.2, but they will release manual instructions shortly after release on
    • There might be some new features included in the social part: like sharing apps. I’ve requested that feature in the past.

Wow, looks like they’ve really listened to the community. Those are some great new features & enhancements. I wonder if they listened to the most often requested feature to allow you to add your own custom web apps to the launcher? We’ll see tomorrow when Jolicloud will make some more announcements on features. I guess they’re going to keep the hype train rolling till release. I have no problem with that! Can’t wait to see what they have in store. 🙂

Tommy McClain

Jolicloud: The Online Desktop For Joli OS

March 7, 2011 Leave a comment

Today Jolicloud announced on their blog A new direction for Jolicloud…. Here’s what was included in the announcement:

  • Starting with the next update the OS will be known as Joli OS 1.2.
  • Jolicloud is now the name of the online desktop that is part of Joli OS 1.2 and web apps for Chrome, Firefox 4, Safari 5 & iPad.
  • Joli OS 1.2 will be released “later this week”.
  • A future Android app for Jolicloud is in the works.
  • New screenshots & details will be available in the next few days.

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Jolicloud 1.2: What we know

March 6, 2011 Leave a comment

Just a quick recap for those who don’t know about Jolicloud(pronounced Joe-ly Cloud). It’s a cloud-based OS that was originally designed for the small screen & low specs of netbooks but now works on wide range of older & newer laptops & desktops. Version 1.1.1 is the latest version & it’s based on Ubuntu 10.04 LTS & uses Chrome & HTML5 for the main interface. It has an App Library similar to Apple & Google App Stores that contain mixture of local Linux apps & web apps(some based on HTML5). There are currently more web apps than local apps, but if your adventurous you can install any app that installs under Ubuntu. For more info check out their website at or the Wikipedia page.

OK, so what’s this about Jolicloud 1.2? We’ve been getting some hints over the past month or so that another version was on it’s way. All the hints have been from founder & CEO Tariq Krim on his Twitter account(@TariqKrim). I’ve collected the relevant tweets & have decided to make a list of what we know & show you some of those differences with Jolicloud 1.1:

What we know:

  1. “on any modern browser or a recycled computer” – Tweet 1
    • Tariq later expanded on this by saying that it will “will include chrome 10” & “will work on mozilla 4”. Tweet 2 & Tweet 3
  2. The main launcher will get a few minor UI changes (more later) – Tweet 4
  3. There will be a new “HTML5 based filesystem” (more later) – Tweet 5
  4. When asked on Twitter when it was coming Tariq replied “before OSX Lion ;)” – Tweet 6

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