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Jolicloud Desktop Updates

Jolicloud has added new web apps to the App Center. These include:

I also got word today that due to the feedback in my review Jolicloud has added a few new features to the Jolicloud desktop. Excellent!

First of all they have made the Public Page easier to access by making a link to it directly on the Stream page. The button is to the right of “Top Followers”. It’s also on every user profile. It’s to the right the “Followers” button. And on your Account Info page where your name, username, email address, etc shows, there’s also a link to your Public Page. Instead of a button it shows the full URL.

Public Page Now More Accessible

Lastly, in the integrated Dropbox file browser they added a two new ways to access your folders on the Dropbox site so you can do more file operations like move, copy, rename or delete. Folders now have a “Open” button on the bottom right. Also individual files have a button called “Open in Folder”. These buttons are on the bottom right & on the Preview window when previewing images.

New Direct Access To The Dropbox Web Site

One minor update was made for user-created web apps. They have applied rounded corners to the icons to make them fit better with the rest of the application icons.

Rounded Corners!

All these new changes were made to the Jolicloud desktop without the need to push a new OS update. They’re available to both Joli OS & browser users. That’s the beauty of a HTML5 cloud desktop! Thanks for the updates guys!

Tommy McClain

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