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Joli OS 1.2 & Jolicloud Now Available!

The Jolicloud team have shipped Joli OS 1.2 and the new Jolicloud online desktop according to their latest blog update. You can download the latest Windows Express Installer or ISO here. For those that rather test drive it in their Chrome, Firefox 4 or Safari 5 browser go here. If you want to install the Chrome App, get it here.

New features announced today include:

  1. Create your own apps! Now you you can create & share your own web apps. This has been the most requested feature from the beginning.
  2. Seamless Dropbox integration! This has been another big feature request. Cloud storage for a cloud OS. About time! 🙂
  3. Jolicloud public page. A profile page that not only shows a little bit about you, but it also shows your shared apps & your followers.

For a more visual look at the latest changes, check out the guided tour. I’m currently working on a detailed review of all the changes to the Jolicloud online desktop. Expect it online tomorrow.

Congratulations Jolicloud team. It’s an excellent service & upgrade. Everybody have fun & happy Joliclouding!

Tommy McClain

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