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New Joli OS 1.2 Features

True to Jolicloud’s promise to release more details, they have posted on their blog some new features on the upcoming Joli OS 1.2 release scheduled later this week.

Here’s a run down of the features announced:

  • New Startup Experience:
  • HTML5 File system allows you to browse local & external storage devices & preview files inside the new File Browser.
    • Nautilus file manager is still included.
    • Integrated Dropbox support in the File Browser is looking likely. Expect another announcement tomorrow.
  • Performance Improvements:
    • Improved update management allows background syncing & the ability to delay them.
    • The browser gets an upgrade to Chromium 10 and Adobe Flash gets upgraded to version 10.2.
    • General speeds improvements including faster web app installs & syncing.
    • The Linux kernel is built upon Ubuntu “Lucid LTS and Maverick”.
    • Improved battery life.
  • Other Misc Tidbits Gleaned From The Comment Section:
    • Asus T91MT and T101MT multi-touch support won’t make it in time for Joli OS 1.2, but they will release manual instructions shortly after release on help.jolicloud.com.
    • There might be some new features included in the social part: like sharing apps. I’ve requested that feature in the past.

Wow, looks like they’ve really listened to the community. Those are some great new features & enhancements. I wonder if they listened to the most often requested feature to allow you to add your own custom web apps to the launcher? We’ll see tomorrow when Jolicloud will make some more announcements on features. I guess they’re going to keep the hype train rolling till release. I have no problem with that! Can’t wait to see what they have in store. 🙂

Tommy McClain

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