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Jolicloud 1.2: What we know

Just a quick recap for those who don’t know about Jolicloud(pronounced Joe-ly Cloud). It’s a cloud-based OS that was originally designed for the small screen & low specs of netbooks but now works on wide range of older & newer laptops & desktops. Version 1.1.1 is the latest version & it’s based on Ubuntu 10.04 LTS & uses Chrome & HTML5 for the main interface. It has an App Library similar to Apple & Google App Stores that contain mixture of local Linux apps & web apps(some based on HTML5). There are currently more web apps than local apps, but if your adventurous you can install any app that installs under Ubuntu. For more info check out their website at Jolicloud.com or the Wikipedia page.

OK, so what’s this about Jolicloud 1.2? We’ve been getting some hints over the past month or so that another version was on it’s way. All the hints have been from founder & CEO Tariq Krim on his Twitter account(@TariqKrim). I’ve collected the relevant tweets & have decided to make a list of what we know & show you some of those differences with Jolicloud 1.1:

What we know:

  1. “on any modern browser or a recycled computer” – Tweet 1
    • Tariq later expanded on this by saying that it will “will include chrome 10” & “will work on mozilla 4”. Tweet 2 & Tweet 3
  2. The main launcher will get a few minor UI changes (more later) – Tweet 4
  3. There will be a new “HTML5 based filesystem” (more later) – Tweet 5
  4. When asked on Twitter when it was coming Tariq replied “before OSX Lion ;)” – Tweet 6

Tweet 4 included a screenshot of what the new launcher will look like. I’ve taken that screenshot & added a screenshot of what it would look like on Version 1.1.

I’ve highlighted the 3 main differences above:

  1. It looks like the sync status indicator has been updated with a label to describe what it’s for. Probably meant to help general users understand what’s going on.
  2. The app maintenance options have gotten a UI makeover. You can’t really tell how you activate the box around the icon, but most likely hovering the mouse cursor over the icon will do it. The words are no longer there. Just simple icons for removing, favoriting & more information. One good thing is now those options don’t obscure the app’s icon.
  3. You now get a numerical indicator for what app page you’re on.

Not a lot of big changes, but then again I don’t think they need to make any drastic changes anyway. Also, Tariq chose a wallpaper that’s not part of the current Jolicloud Wallpaper library. It could be one of his personal images since the launcher does allow you to use custom images. I’m still hopeful we might see a new rotation of artwork.

Tweet 5 included a screenshot of what the new HTML5 file system will look like in the launcher. I’ve taken that screenshot & added a screenshot of what it would look like on Version 1.1.

I decided not to highlight the changes in the actual image above, but I’ll touch upon them here:

  1. The biggest change is the replacement of the large folder icons with a detailed list view similar to what you would find in the Nautilus & Windows Explorer file managers. Hopefully these are still linked with the Nautilus bookmarks. I was able to add a folder for Dropbox here by creating a bookmark for it in Nautilus.
  2. I like the quick visual graph of disk usage. Makes it a lot easier to see how much space you have free than the old method.
  3. On the left it looks like they removed the folders & replaced them with the actual drives themselves. Clicking on them shows the folders in the main view. Makes a lot more sense. Most people are more used to that paradigm.
  4. It also looks like Dropbox is the only cloud-based storage option now. Box.net & Zumo Drive have now been removed. Hopefully clicking on Dropbox doesn’t just provide another link to the web site in the main view like it currently does. That’s way too much clicking. Maybe they will integrate the Dropbox web folders into the HTML5 ineterface? That would be so cool. Would definitely make cloud storage more integrated & useful.

As you can tell there’s a lot of Jolicloud 1.2 details gleaned from Twitter. Tariq had mentioned there would be new details this past week, but the only thing he announced was about Mozilla 4 support. If he’s right & it will be out before Apple OS X Lion, then that puts the release sometime before “Summer 2011”. That’s about 3.5 months away. Hopefully we’ll hear more before then. Be sure to follow me on Twitter as I’ll tweet the latest news there first. I’ll follow up here on my blog with more in-depth details. Until then Happy Joliclouding! 😀

Tommy McClain

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